Discovering New Artists and Music: Alternative Music Discovery Methods

Blog Post #7

While actively seeking out new artists and music has been the main focus of this blog up to this point, I want to address the possibilities offered by passively finding new music. What I mean by passively finding new music is that new music will find its way to you without you needing to put forth any thought or effort. This idea might sound unrealizable or unlikely, but this process happens to everyone on a daily basis. Think about this, have you ever been shopping in a store that played music out loud? Have you ever walked by someone on the street that had music playing loud enough so that you could hear, or even passed by a live performer on the street? Have you ever seen a commercial with music playing in the background? We are all bombarded with new music every day apart from what we are already actively seeking out. The next step is to use this exposure to new music to our advantage. If you are out in the world and hear some music playing that sparks your interest in even the slightest way, I encourage you to investigate. The hook of a song might get stuck in your head and the easiest way to find out what that song is would be to simply Google the lyrics. This method is one easy way to turn the music we are exposed to every day into a means of passively finding new artists and music.

For this week, the featured artist is SBTRKT (pronounced subtract). SBTRKT is an entity created by Aaron Jerome, which he uses to create and distribute music. He is known for wanting to keep himself as a person as separate from the actual music as possible, even going as far as wearing a mask while he performs live. He does this as a way to create anonymity so that the listener does not associate a face with his music but rather his music serves as its own entity. SBTRKT is known for often collaborating with the vocalist Sampha who I recommend you check out as well. SBTRKT currently has two studio albums, the self-titled SBTRKT and Wonder Where We Land, along with six EPs. He has also recently been working on some new and innovative musical ideas. Specifically, on March 25, 2016 he announced and released a new project dubbed a non-album, named SAVE YOURSELF. The non-album is a collection of songs that is aimed at bringing new music to fans sooner and more often than the traditional album cycle, thus creating a more continuous process and fluid experience for the listeners. Personally, I find the idea of a non-album to be both innovative and forward looking, and I hope you give both SBTRKT and Sampha a listen!

Pictured: SBTRKT

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