Welcome to my website! I am a graduate of Adams State University, where I studied music business and business administration. I am an experienced percussionist and I currently work in the professional audio visual industry. My interests in the audio visual and music industries include studio recording and production, multimedia project creations, artist discovery and development, and business and operational management aspects.

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Zachary Carpenter is a music and audio visual industry professional. He graduated from Adams State University (ASU) located in Alamosa, Colorado with bachelor’s degrees in music business and business administration. He started his music career early by taking an interest in percussion and is now a classically trained percussionist with over thirteen years of experience. He started his audio visual career while still attending ASU where he record and edit audio and video for upwards of 100 concerts, and he also led the live sound team for over 25 concerts and events. He gained additional experience regarding live event production through his time as an audio visual technician at The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. It was here that he further developed the skills of light and soundboard operation. He has expanded his audio visual skill set into the hotel and hospitality industry in his current role as an audio visual operations manager for AVMS in Aurora, CO. In this role he works with equipment including screens and projectors, wireless microphones and sound systems, and telephone and networking systems. For his experience as an operations manager he is also experienced with business aspects including interfacing with clients, logistical coordination, inventory management, and financial tracking. His audio experience also spans into the studio environment where he has been involved in numerous solo and team-based projects. He has been involved in all aspects of the recording process including arranging and pre-production, tracking, editing and mixing, and mastering. Projects include various large ensemble works, working with individual artists on their original singles, and recording and arranging Foley sounds for a video project. He has additional experience on video project creation from his time as an intern with the Phoenix based label, Heart Dance Records. In this role he collaborated with label artists to create music videos for new single releases and full albums. He current interests include recording studio engineering, audio editing and mixing, video and multimedia creations, and operational management.

Full Biography

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