Welcome to my website! My name is Zachary Carpenter and I am a recent music business and business administration graduate from Adams State University, which is a school located in Alamosa Colorado. I have primarily been a percussionist for twelve years now and my interests within the music industry are constantly expanding. My interests range from running live sound for shows and concerts and studio recording to artist discovery and development.

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Zachary Carpenter is a music industry professional; he recently graduated from Adams State University (ASU) located in Alamosa, Colorado with bachelor’s degrees in music business and business administration. He started his music career at a young age by taking an interest in percussion and is now a classically trained percussionist with over twelve years of experience. For two years he worked through ASU as an audio and visual technician as well as a recording and lighting technician. During his time at these positions he was able to record and edit audio and video for upwards of 100 concerts and events, and he also led the live sound team for over 25 concerts and events. This experience gave him valuable knowledge including the operation of light and soundboards and skills to build live sound systems for events indoors and outdoors. Notable events for which he led the sound and lighting operations include, four of the semiannual ASU Percussion Ensemble Concerts, the 2016 ASU Homecoming Talent Show, and the 2017 ASU Homecoming bonfire. Additionally, he has been involved in the area of event planning and operations for multiple campus events. His audio experience also spans into the studio where he has been involved in numerous solo and team based projects. He has been involved in all aspects of the recording process including arranging and preproduction, tracking, editing and mixing, and mastering. Projects include recording and mixing seven large ensemble works, recording and mixing three singles written by his peers, and recording and arranging Foley sounds for a freelance video project. He has also interned with the Phoenix based label, Heart Dance Records, where he gained experience in data collection and analysis, artist relations, media creation and videography, and label promotions. He has collaborated with label artists to create music videos for new single releases as well as full albums. He current interests include live and studio audio engineering, audio editing, videography and media creations, business operations and management.

Full Biography

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