Discovering New Artists and Music: An Introduction

Blog Post #1

Everyone loves music, from the feeling of finding a new artist they have never heard before to sharing that artist with their friends (or keeping this artist to themselves like a safeguarded secret). However, how is it that you actually go about finding new artists and new music? I plan to share some tips to help with this, as well as give some great resources to help you throughout your musical journey. Now, many people may think that new music means never before heard, however, new music really includes popular artists that are just becoming new to you. If this blog helps you to discover and enjoy even one artist you have never heard before reading, then my mission has been accomplished. For those individuals interested, I do plan on covering ways to go about discovering truly new, up and coming artists later on. This blog will also include a weekly-featured artist and I will provide information about how I went about discovering them. My suggestion is that you check out and listen to the artists I find and post about, but more importantly, it is my hope that everyone who reads this blog will use the tools and tips I provide you with to go out and find new artists on your own. This blog will not only benefit you, the reader, but it will also help to give many newer artists some well needed and deserved recognition.


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