Discovering New Artists and Music: Finding Undeveloped Artists

Blog Post #12

Instead of focusing on finding artists that are already well established, I will now move on to discuss ways in which to discover artists that are new, or fairly undeveloped in regards to their musical career. Spotify is a resource that I use on a daily basis, but there are other websites and methods for discovering new music that can work better than Spotify. The reason for this is that, for an artist to upload their music through Spotify, they must do so through a label or distributer rather than directly uploading to Spotify’s website. This creates a holdup for many artists who have to wait weeks for their music to be uploaded, if it gets uploaded at all. However, one website that allows anyone to upload their music directly to the website without the use of a middleman is SoundCloud. This means that if you take the time to dig around and search through SoundCloud, you are sure to find some amazing brand-new artists! Another resource is the website YouTube, which allows anyone to make uploads; however it is important to note that SoundCloud is strictly for music uploads while YouTube has all manner of content. Knowing this, I suggest trying both websites to find out which one works better for you. Personally, I think both websites have a great community, but SoundCloud offers better opportunities in regards to finding brand-new musical artists. Another great way to discover truly new artists and music is by going to local concerts. Most cities will have at least one concert venue with events happening usually every weekend, if not more. Going to these live concerts will not only benefit you, by providing you with knowledge of new artists and giving you a memorable experience, but it will also provide great support for up-and-coming artists. If you invest some of your time and use the correct resources, you will be able to discover some truly new artists in no time!

This week, the featured artist is record producer and DJ, Nosaj Thing. Also known as Jason Chung, Nosaj Thing is originally from Los Angeles, California and has been making a name for himself within the industry since 2006. As of May 2016 he has three studio albums and two EPs of his own, along with a number of productions he has done for other artists. I highly suggest you check out his 2015 released album, Fated, and if you ever get the chance you have to see him perform live!

Nosaj Thing
Pictured: Nosaj Thing